Friends of the Fireworks

IMG_7556Wanting to help bring back the good old days of our festival but you’re not sure how you can help?

A very eager, committed and dedicated group of local individuals are working hard to bring Avon River Days back to what our local festival once was.

We have the drive to make the festival one to remember, but what we are lacking is the funds.

As of today, there is no money for the Avon River Days fireworks, …but we are not willing to take no for an answer.

We are asking our local community to donate what they can via e-mail ( If you don’t wish to e-mail a donation,  let us know and we can pick it up! We are committed to making this happen!

We have a goal of $5,000 so let’s show our community pride and donate! If 250 people donate $20, we will meet our goal.